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Along with packing for travel, wondering what to wear and how to stay fashionable during travel days can be pretty tough. From hopping on a plane for a city break to a beach trip with the girls, we’ve got all the style tips and ideas you need.

What To Wear During Travel

Staying comfortable is the main priority during travel days. Long plane rides and car rides to and from the airport can span several hours or days. You need a travel outfit that can see you through without breaking a sweat.

  • Stretch leggings, luxe joggers and soft denim jeans are a failsafe option for maximum comfort. Look for a cotton and lycra mix.
  • Wrinkle free fabrics are a good idea to keep your whole outfit looking chic and streamlined before and after car, plane or even boat rides.
  • Temperature changes all the time during travel. Stay warm by bringing a sweater, leather jacket or trench coat in your carry on luggage.
  • Depending on your luggage allowance, wear your most comfortable pair of shoes. Ankle boots are fine as long as they’re broken in and light on the feet.

Accessories To Bring For Travel

As well as getting your travel outfit right for the plane, a few accessories will save your sanity during travel. Here’s our list of essential items you need to bring:

  • An oversized scarf is the perfect multitasker – cover-up, pashmina and blanket. Go for a wrinkle free fabric. Trust us, you won’t regret this one.
  • A hat is a must have for travel, not only does it save it from being crushed in your luggage – it also doubles up as a hair saver.
  • Socks are a necessity for long car, plane or bus rides. Go for anti-compression to stop your ankles from swelling during the plane ride.
  • Jewellery – instantly brighten up your outfit with your favourite pieces. Wearing them as you travel means you save on the luggage weight too.

Bags And Luggage Ideas For Travel

Now you’ve got your travel outfits and accessories set, how to organize them all? Consider these bag and luggage ideas.

  • A carry on with four wheels is a great option for storing your heavier essentials, laptop or change of clothes.
  • Pop your passport, kindle, lip essentials and boarding pass into a cross body or shoulder bag.
  • An overnight bag or duffle is also a great one to bring along to use as back-up luggage for shopping or extra weight when you come back from your trip.

Featured photo: Jean Wang’s neutral tones are classy, comfy and wrinkle free. We’re also loving her coordinating luggage and blush low suede ankle boots.

Sweater: BP, Jeans: Express, Bag: Sole Society: Hat: Sole Society, Boots: Sole Society, Suitcase: Brics. Travel Outfits