Amanda Fordyce, Fashion Photography Focus

I’ve just finished a marathon of looking through Amanda’s portfolio – from Miss Mexicana to Elwood. It must have taken me a good two hours to get through it all. But then again, in my opinion, it is not good. It is VERY good.

Amanda’s fashion photography is excellent. There are other photographer’s like Mario Testino who gets the best out of their models every time they shoot. Amanda has yet to prove that she has this capability, but truth be told, her sense of colour schemes, setting and shade is simply awesome.

There are a million photographer’s out there who are and will ever only become moderately good photographer’s. They simply don’t have the talent. Amanda is not one of them. Her work is spectacular – stunning. Every photo has got depth and play with colours and/or shade. Her series are often along story lines and includes both vertical and horizontal photography. She may not have had a chance of shooting for the truly big brands, but we are pretty sure that eventually she will get her shot at the big time.

There is a lesson to be learned here for all fashion brands. Stop taking mediocre photos and invest in people like Amanda who knows what they are doing. Don’t just take a dress with a pretty model on a solid coloured background. Create quality photography that deserves to be shared. It is all about product placement and association. Take that pretty model, put in a derelict building or an old barn and photograph her as naturally as possible. Think street style in the right setting, and then, just then, you may just get it right, and your brand and products will be seen by thousands if not millions.

Miss. Fordyce, You Rock!!!

Amanda Fordyce At Just The Design

Amanda Fordyce Just The Design

Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce For Elwood

For Elwood

Dress By Cable Clothing Photography By Amanda Fordyce

Dress By Cable ClothingAmanda Fordyce For Elwood

For Elwood

Amanda Fordyce Fashion Photography

Amanda Fordyce

For Cable Clothing

Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce Photography Via Just The Design

Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce

For Zoe Elizabeth

Amanda Fordyce Photography Via

Amanda Fordyce Just The Design Article

Amanda Fordyce

Azalea James By Amanda Fordyce Photography Via Just The Design

Azalea James