Anderne Sunglasses, Retro Design That Works

Over the last six months or so we have received numerous emails from companies around the world asking us to promote their products, but up until now we have yet to feature anyone. However, a few days ago, we received an email and a few pairs of sunglasses from German based Anderne Sunglasses. Boy, were we impressed.

Although Anderne only launched at the Milan Fashion Trade Shows in March 2013, they have already made quite an impact globally. Here at Just The Design, we predict that they will go on to have a huge future and make a big dent in the sunglasses market. Why?

First and foremost their whole eyewear line has been designed by multiple award winning designer, Wolfgang Proksch, who prior to being part of Arderne have a history of designing eyewear for global celebrities including Elton John, Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Secondly, with their first retro inspired designs they have hit the market spot on. Anderne also scores high in terms of quality. Sturdy and with attention to detail, we are talking about a high end product for design conscious people.

Besides that, it seems as if they are commercially savvy, and they are doing a great job in becoming a recognized sunglasses brand worldwide, but also, and maybe more surprisingly, in the blogosphere.

We are excited. Keep up the good work, Anderne, and make sure to be let us know when your next designs are out.

Anderne Sunglasses 3

Model: It Had To Be You Via Caroline’s Mode 

Anderne Sunglasses

Anderne Sunglasses

Model: I Came For You