Coats & Jackets

No fashion website would be complete without a serious page on jackets and coats. Both should be a staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Besides their functional element, they can add a flair and style to your outfit. We have all had that feeling of finding that special jacket, (or coat), while shopping, where it just feels as if it was meant to be. Like a hand in a glove.

High quality jackets and coats are always in high demand because of their usefulness and they way they make people look. They complement the outfit that you are wearing and can make you look more attractive. When someone walks through the door with a unique jacket or coat on, you will notice the whole room turning to look at them. These items can add a level of sophistication to a any man or woman.

Obviously we are all spoiled for choice. The growing number of  fashion designers around the world means that regardless of  your country you can find a huge selection of coats and jackets that are made in many different materials and styles. If the temperature is mildly cold, a lighter synthetic coat will work perfectly because they offer a light protection in cooler weather. If it is extremely cold outside, you can choose to wear a coat with a fur lining to keep you nice and warm.

Jackets are a wonderful option for men and women no matter what season it is. There a lot of men that love to wear jackets for every occasion. Jackets can be the final touch to pull off THAT style or look. For example, a leather jacket can have an incredible effect on how other people perceive you. A sports jacket can also make a man look like he put a lot of time into his style when he really only threw on a jacket.

Here at Just The Design we will show you what we think is fashionable and cool. The featured photo is one of Azzedine Alaia‘s women’s Coat.

Giorgia Street Style In Biker Jacket

Giorgia Street Style In Biker Jacket

Womens Blazer By & Other Stories, Shorts By American Apparel Via 365

Womens Blazer By & Other Stories, Shorts By American Apparel Via 365

Biker Jacket Babe Photography By Unknown Artist

Biker Jacket Babe Photography By Unknown Artist

Jacket And Little Else By Patrick and Victor Demarchelier

Jacket And Little Else By Patrick and Victor Demarchelier

Jacket By Laurence Dolige Modelled By Carolin Loosen

Jacket By Laurence Dolige Modelled By Carolin Loosen

Kenza In Chiquelle Leather Jacket And Alexander Wang Bag

Kenza In Chiquelle Leather Jacket And Alexander Wang Bag

Pink Blazer White Dress

Pink Blazer White Dress

Zara Camo Jacket And Nine West Beanie

Zara Camo Jacket And Nine West Beanie

Jenny In Biker Jacket And Pumps

Jenny In Biker Jacket And Pumps

Jenny From NeonBlush In Zara Leather Jacket And Skirt, Alexander Wang Shoes

Jenny From NeonBlush In Zara Leather Jacket And Skirt, Alexander Wang Shoes

Military Street Style Via The Sartorialist

Military Street Style Via The Sartorialist

All Black Leather Jacket And Scarf Via StyleTrove

All Black Leather Jacket And Scarf Via StyleTrove

Infantry Jacket By CURRENT/ELLIOTT Sincerely Jules

Infantry Jacket By CURRENT/ELLIOTT Sincerely Jules

Trench Coat Via Mix De Uma Diva

Trench Coat Via Mix De Uma Diva

A Touch Of Lime And A Leather Jacket

A Touch Of Lime And A Leather Jacket

Brown Jacket And Matching Boots

Brown Jacket And Matching Boots

Pleated Trench Coat And Heels

Pleated Trench Coat And Heels

Zebra Striped Coat And Patterned Dress

Zebra Striped Coat And Patterned Dress

All Black Leather Jacket

All Black Leather Jacket

That Dress And Leather Jacket

That Dress And Leather Jacket

Camouflage Look Street Style Coat

Camouflage Look Street Style Coat

Mila Kunis In A Denim Jacket For Glamour Magazine

Mila Kunis In A Denim Jacket For Glamour Magazine

Ladies Coat Inspiration

Ladies Coat Inspiration

Ladies Jacket And Nothing Else Mario Testino

Ladies Jacket And Nothing Else Mario Testino

Leather Jacket Photography By Julia Kiecksee

Leather Jacket Photography By Julia Kiecksee

Victoria Secret's Cargo Jacket

Victoria Secret’s Cargo Jacket