Fo Porter, Model

From the slums of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to America’s Next Top Model hopeful; from early life in a trailer to Nous Model Management of L.A. – we only have to look at images of Fo Porter to see that her journey was meant to be.

Fo (given name Felicia) was the only contestant in the twelth cycle of America’s Next Top Model to win two reward challenges in one episode. That was during episode 10, but she was eliminated next time around, after the bathing suit photo shoot with Nigel Barker. We think she did well to finish fifth, but we’ve read reports that she wasn’t happy about it, claiming that lack of height had been an issue (she’s 5′ 8″).

She did produce some strong photographs during the reality TV show, which took place in 2009, when she was just 19. This led to assignments for Revolve Clothing and Nylon Magazine, and more in the pipeline with Reebok, Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Target. She brightened the cover of Health Magazine in 2010, looking very cute with her short pixie haircut. She was also one of three girls on the front of Fantastic Magazine that year, and has worked in South Africa for Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Glamour.

Fo famously cried a lot during the show, but this funny and charming young woman is more upbeat nowadays, and feels that she can handle criticism better. Now stronger and more independent, she knows what she wants from life, which is to be “simply happy”. Her increased confidence means that she’s able to make sound decisions. “As I progress, I’ll develop and flourish. There’s no knowing where I’ll go!”, she maintains – and we believe her.

The exotic brown-eyed beauty is obsessed with singer Gwen Stefani and her fashion line, and even has Gwen’s lamb tattoo on her back, with L-A-M-B underneath it (we think it’s a pity that it’s often airbrushed out). In fact, she is a fan of tattoos herself, also having one small one on each wrist, resembling small skulls with bows attached, and one of a light-saber on the inside of her right index finger.

Fo Porter has become a familiar face to American TV viewers with her ad for Lowe’s Hardware, where she is that lovely but fierce female with the cropped hair, keen to give her house a makeover. She describes appearing in commercials as “a whole other ball park”. As she said, there’s no knowing where she’ll go! But we know we’ll be following.

Fo Porter At Just The Design3

Fo Porter At Just The Design1

Fo Porter At Just The Design2

Fo Porter At Just The Design Photographed By Nick Onken

Fo Porter At Just The Design Photographed By Nick Onken