GIVE-AWAY: The original “Sex, Drugs & Lana” Tee By Boro & Marc

Some time ago we shared the above photo having found it by chance on Facebook. It turned out to be something of a cult hit with hundreds of Tee’s sold world wide. Boro & Marc, the maker of said Tee, contributed a lot of the success to Just The Design. Having talked about it we decided that we should do it all again. However, this time, we would do it differently. It wouldn’t just be a pretty picture, nope, this time we would GIVE it away.

The rules are simple:

1. In order to enter you must Like both Boro & Marc and Just The Design on Facebook, (this will be checked.):

Boro & Marc:



2. Do not delete the promotional text underneath the photo, when re-blogging on Tumblr or sharing on Facebook. (Doing so will result in disqualification from the competition.)

3. When you have liked both Boro & Marc and JTD on Facebook, send a FB message to Patryk at Boro & Marc with a link to where you shared the photo on either Tumblr or Facebook.

That’s it and that’s that.

You will then be entered into the draw, and the five winners will be published here and on Tumblr/Facebook on Wednesday at 18:00.

Good Luck.

B&M and JTD

PS: Yes, Boro & Marc will ship worldwide.