How We’d Style The Chain Fashion Trend – Outfits And Ideas

If you’ve had your fill of pretty lace and delicate chiffon by now, then the chain fashion trend is what you crave. Keep those feminine items in your wardrobe though, because they could be ideal to offset the chunkiness of this trend.

Search out mini bags and swing them from your wrist. Chanel has one with a handle of links that is almost bigger than the clutch, and another with a quilted pattern. Wear with ripped jeans or team with a floaty dress after dark. Louis Vuitton sported geometric shapes, metal embellishment and long chain/leather handles that perch on your shoulder. Chloé added to the debate with colour blocks on a cross-body version, but Bottega Veneta’s faux reptile simply slipped a chain strip into a section of the leather strap.

Take a tip from Givenchy and acquaint yourself with metal in a big way by wrapping yards of gilt around your neck and letting it all hang out – that’s all of it, and it’s a lot – onto a backdrop of black. In the same collection, we saw chains that wound their way around gold wedges, while Moschino’s were attached to cardigan hems, and Stella McCartney weaved embroidered metallic patterns into bags and clothing.

Embellish outerwear with chains of differing thickness, and deck out your shoes, boots and belts with more of the same. Add a statement clunky necklace to a plain outfit, or use it to soften plaid. Shorten it to a choker for added versatility.

You’re not obliged to take to your shorts to show off leg chains, although you can if you like, of course. Lindsay Lohan did, after all, but we think they still look great over black tights. They’ll rock just as well over leggings or torn jeans, giving you a punk or grunge vibe. Finish with a tartan flannel shirt and white tee.

Why stop at legs? Body chains have their origins in India, and have been adapted in other cultures. Wear with a crop top, enhance your bikini, or go for the cross body style, like Rihanna and Beyoncé, and show off its intricacy over a dark top. Let it all cascade down your back, like a necklace that has branched out in all directions.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s elegant strings, chunky chains or your very own individual slant, and whether you adorn your body, clothes or footwear, we guarantee that this is one classy look.

The featured photo is of Soraya Bakhtiar wearing leather lace up ankle boots with chains from Zara

Chain Boot Trend: Nicoletta Reggio is wearing the Laura chain boot from Givenchy

Chain Boot Trend: Nicoletta Reggio is wearing the Laura chain boot from Givenchy

Ellen Claesson with her black leather chain bag from Stella McCartney

Ellen Claesson with her black leather chain bag from Stella McCartney

Arielle Nachami is wearing Laura chain-trimmed leather ankle boots from Givenchy

Arielle Nachami is wearing Laura chain-trimmed leather ankle boots from Givenchy

Chain Trend: Camille Charriere with her Boy bag from Chanel. It is the chaing and the quilted pattern that does it for us.

Chain Trend: Camille Charriere with her Boy bag from Chanel. It is the chain and the quilted pattern that does it for us.