There are few things we love more than a really good pair of jeans. To be the truly perfect designer pair they must have the perfect balance in terms of fit, cut, color, durability, and comfort. We have all got our own favourite colours, styles and perhaps even shops, but that shall not stop us from trying to inspire you. Here at Just The Design we will try to showcase what is currently on-trend in terms of looks, but will also show you in classic and timeless denim cuts. When it comes to jeans it always comes down to personal taste.

A closet without a pair of attractive, perfectly cut designer denim just feels incomplete. Wear them out for a hot night on the town or dress them down for daytime wear; however you work them, they are everyone’s must-have piece.

Durable and comfortable and made the right way, jeans from quality labels just can’t be beat. No closet is complete without the perfect pair (or two or three) because they are the most flexible piece of clothing in any wardrobe.

The featured photo is of course of Channing Tatum In  Todd Snyder Jeans. Well, here is the rest.

Kenza Is Wearing Jeans From BikBok And T-Shirt from Chiquelle

Kenza Is Wearing Jeans From BikBok And T-Shirt from Chiquelle

Jeans From Suiteblanco And Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel

Jeans From Suiteblanco And Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel

Aimee From Song Of Style In Worn Jeans And White Top

Aimee From Song Of Style In Worn Jeans And White Top


Fashion From Ren Lara Photography

Fashion From Ren Lara Photography

Casual Smart Style Via Model Scene

Casual Smart Style Via Model Scene

Jeans, T-Shirt And Blazer Laurin Krausz

Jeans, T-Shirt And Blazer Laurin Krausz

Lucky You Jeans

Lucky You Jeans

Just The Design Says Get Ready For A Road Trip With Sgt. Pepper

Just The Design Says Get Ready For A Road Trip With Sgt. Pepper

Casual Street Style Jeans

Casual Street Style Jeans

Dress Down Friday Jeans Menswear

Dress Down Friday Jeans Menswear

Summer Is Coming Jeans Are Up Nicole Style

Summer Is Coming Jeans Are Up Nicole Style

Faded Jeans Cream Jacket Louboutin Shoes

Faded Jeans Cream Jacket Louboutin Shoes

Grey Jeans White Shirt Black Blouse Mickey Mouse Sunnies Zara

Grey Jeans White Shirt Black Blouse Mickey Mouse Sunnies Zara