Kalle Gustafsson, Photographer

The Swedish photographer and director Kalle Gustafsson is an expert at capturing cinematic moments redolent with atmosphere. Represented by Skarp Agent, Gustafsson has an impressive client list that includes the likes of Paul Smith, Gant and Orient Express, together with editorial clients such as GQ and Marie Claire. For his clients, Gustafsson shoots print and motion.

Gustafsson has been utilizing a retro style before it became fashionable, and we believe that his photography ranks alongside that of any of his acclaimed contemporaries. Gustafsson’s intelligent work is notable for its casual fluidity and its natural style and grace. The combination of visual references and Gustafsson’s own skills together make his models seem relaxed and beautiful in a thoroughly organic way. Based on the research we conducted we chose to make this article into an interview format as it will give you, the reader, a better idea of who Gustaffson is, and what he represents.

Q: Where do you originate from, and when did you first become aware that you wanted to become a photographer?

A: Lund, in Southern Sweden, is my home town. I went to music schools when I was young, but I didn’t have the attention span to successfully learn to play a musical instrument. Because my Dad had a travel agency I got to visit the Alps a few times, and starting taking photos. A Swiss bell tower was my first real subject. My enthusiasm was such that I had used up all my Mother’s film during the trip!

Q: How did you find your style?

A: I took on all sorts of jobs, and I ended up working for 18 months as an assistant to a Swedish photographer. After several freelance jobs I decided to set up my own website, while my experience of studying photography in France made me realise that fashion was for me. Also, my time spent at the film academy in Sydney pointed me into the direction of telling stories.

Q: How did your retro style come about?

A: My photography did and didn’t have a retro feel from the start. It’s certainly not set in stone and is dependent on things such as location and styling.

Q: We find that while there is a laid back and natural style to your work, you don’t lose sight of beauty and quality. How do you approach things?

A: I believe in trying to tell a story through matching the required theme. My ideas are simple, and little and natural light is important. I also like to create a good, relaxed atmosphere among the whole team.

Boomerang Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Photographer Kalle Gustafsson

Boomerang Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

Kalle Gustafsson

For Marie Claire

Kalle Gustafsson Madame Figaro


For Madame Figaro

Kalle Gustafsson Via Skarp

Via Skarp

Kalle Gustafsson Bitter Man

Bitter Man

Kalle Gustafsson Model Elsa Hosk

Model Elsa Hosk

Kalle Gustafsson The Archipelago

The Archipelago

Kalle Gustafsson For Hackett

For Hackett


Kalle Gustafsson

Kalle Gustafsson


Kalle Gustafsson Anteprima By Samuel Francois

Anteprima By Samuel Francois

Kalle Gustafsson

Kalle Gustafsson

Kalle Gustafsson For Twilfit

For Twilfit

Kalle Gustafsson For The Film Storia d´Amore

Kalle Gustafsson For The Film Storia d´Amore