Lingerie… Even the pronunciation is sexy and alluring. A nineteenth century concept, the idea was to alter the outward shape of the body to become more attractive. The first corsets were bulky and unshapely but with the introduction of the lingerie concept, the bra and knickers soon became very popular indeed. Today, sexy lingerie has become a standard and the manufacturer’s are competing on design, and less on functionality.

In the last ten years, things has truly developed and the designer lingerie industry has become a force in its own right. The below selection of photos will take you on a journey showcasing the best in in sexy lingerie from some of the best of most prestigious designers from around the world. If you have ever read one of our other articles you will know that none of them are ever finished. Rather, we keep on adding new blindingly good photography every so often.

We truly hope you’ll enjoy the journey. As a matter of fact, we are sure that you will.

Kate Moss In Lingerie By Francesca Tolot

Kate Moss In Lingerie By Francesca Tolot

Body Harness By FLEET ILYA

Body Harness By FLEET ILYA

Lingerie Photography Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

Lingerie Goth Style

Lingerie Goth Style

Dresses By Jonquil Lingerie

Dresses By Jonquil Lingerie

D&G Silk And Lace Lingerie Modelled By Rashida Jones

D&G Silk And Lace Lingerie Modelled By Rashida Jones

Lace Lingerie By Nina Ricci Via Numero Magazine

Lace Lingerie By Nina Ricci Via Numero Magazine

Lace Underwear Paul Morel

Lace Underwear Paul Morel

Palmers Lingerie

Little known Palmers Lingerie has done a pretty good job of coming up with a wonderful series of lingerie products. We have included a link so that you have a look yourself.

Gisele Bundchen Intimates Lingerie In Muse

The matter of the fact is that Gisele Bundchen is not only  a beautiful woman. She also has her own style. Check out Intimates Lingerie In Muse

Mila Does A Fashion Lingerie Shoot, Esquire

Mila Does A Fashion Lingerie Shoot, Esquire. Admittedly, we have a weakness for Mila. She is both beautiful and have a personal to match. Yeah, we love Mila.                                                                                              Lingerie Shoot By Gisele Intimates Photography By Nino Munoz

Lingerie Shoot By Gisele Intimates Photography By Nino Munoz Not only is the underwear to die for, but the photography is unique as well. What a theme. We love that they thought out of the box in their promotional material.

Gisele Bundchen In Dolce & Gabbana Bodysuit For Muse Summer 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Bodysuit For Muse Summer 2010 By Nino Muñoz Stunning lingerie photography. I can only tell you that we loved putting this page together.

Lingerie Shot By Photographer Karen Abramyan

Lingerie Shot By Photographer Karen Abramyan Simple and sexy.

Lingerie Featured in Luxury Aficionados, Issue 10

Lingerie Featured in Luxury Aficionados, Issue 10

Staying With It Being F… Friday. ;)

Staying With It Being F… Friday. 😉