Men’s Coats & Jackets

Contrary to most of the websites out there, I am not trying to sell you any jackets or coats, rather, I’d love to inspire you with some excellent photography.

As usual with most of my posts about fashion, none of them are finished at the time of publishing, but are ongoing pieces with new fashion photos of men’s jackets and coats being added every so often. You may have noticed by now, that one of my main aims is to upset the balance, as the search engine rankings in fashion are dominated by fashion retailers rather than by inspirational photography. There is nothing wrong with that being the case, but perhaps it would nice with a bit of variation.

The featured photo is a Chevignon leather jacket worn by one very cool dude.

Alex Restivo Blazer Style

Alex Restivo Blazer Style

Coat By rag & bone

Coat By rag & bone

Vintage Leather Jacket and Clegg Bag

Vintage Leather Jacket and Clegg Bag

Men’s Jacket And Shirt On ZZB

Men’s Jacket And Shirt On ZZB

Coat By Paul Smith London

Coat By Paul Smith London

Men’s Casual Dress Style Via Maxton

Men’s Casual Dress Style Via Maxton

The Blazer And The Denim Jacket

The Blazer And The Denim Jacket

Men’s Fashion Style Via Massiesmas

Men’s Fashion Style Via Massiesmas

Summer Jacket Saturday

Summer Jacket Saturday

Awesome Motorcycle Coat

Awesome Motorcycle Coat

Scotch & Soda Leather Jacket And Bag

Scotch & Soda Leather Jacket And Bag

Fashion Inspiration From Mangano

Fashion Inspiration From Mangano

Mens Coat Fashion Model

Mens Coat Fashion Model

Mens Coat Scotch & Soda

Mens Coat Scotch & Soda

Luigi Bianchi Mantova Jacket

Luigi Bianchi Mantova Jacket

Loewe Men’s Coat

Loewe Men’s Coat

Men’s Leather Jacket Via Photos De Mode

Men’s Leather Jacket Via Photos De Mode

Beige Blazer And Brown Jumper

Beige Blazer And Brown Jumper

Jacket by Versace. Wallace & Barnes Thermal shirt Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Jacket by VersaceWallace & Barnes Thermal shirt Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Blazer By Dior Homme, But Check Out The John Varvatos Shoes

Blazer By Dior Homme, But Check Out The John Varvatos Shoes

Rockstar Coat And T-Shirt Josh Goudswaard

Rockstar Coat And T-Shirt Josh Goudswaard

Stanley Weber In Christian Dior Coat

Stanley Weber In Christian Dior Coat

Paul & Joe Coat

Paul & Joe Coat

Men's Coat Worn By Milan Vukmirovic

Men’s Coat Worn By Milan Vukmirovic

Tom Ford's Personal Fashion Style

Tom Ford‘s Personal Fashion Style

Men's Blazer And Beard...

Men’s Blazer And Beard

 Kurt Iswarienko Coat Photoshoot

Kurt Iswarienko Coat Photoshoot

Charlie Hunnam Leather Coat Vanity Fair, 2013

Charlie Hunnam Leather Coat Vanity Fair, 2013