Nightwear & Slippers

Nightwear and slippers… We are not entirely sure how many sexy slippers we will be able to find, as there is a lot more interesting nightwear to show you. Expect to find a bunch of beautiful robes, tunics and chemises instead. Hell, we will go the distance and see if we can find a few camisoles, bathrobes and kimonos as well.

The first photo, that is to say the featured one is both artistic and stunning. We have failed in finding out, who she is, but she deserves a to be shown wearing a night dress like that.

Kate Wears Silk Nightwear Photography By Craig Martin For Vogue UK

Kate Wears Silk Nightwear Photography By Craig Martin For Vogue UK

Mila Wears Nothing For As A Night Gown

Mila Wears Nothing As A Pyjamas. Sorry to disappoint you, but we HAD to include that one. Why? Because it is simply too sexy to leave out.

Model Yuliya Bonya Poses In Nightwear

Model Yuliya Bonya Poses In Nightwear. As a matter of fact we are not sure what it is that she is wearing and why, but we like it.