Amanda Fordyce, Fashion Photography Focus

I’ve just finished a marathon of looking through Amanda’s portfolio – from Miss Mexicana to Elwood. It must have taken me a good two hours to get through it all. But then again, in my opinion, it is not good. It is VERY good.

Amanda’s fashion photography is excellent. There are other photographer’s like Mario Testino who gets the best out of their models every time they shoot. Amanda has yet to prove that she has this capability, but truth be told, her sense of colour schemes, setting and shade is simply awesome.


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Trousers & Leggings

Trousers and leggings can be used to create diversified looks that are highly fashionable, but range in the type of style created. You can use trousers to create casual looks or more elegant style that is classic and timeless. The fashion possibilities are endless, but style inspiration can be lacking. However, the Fashion Marketplace has combined innovation and fashion to create the perfect place to shop and search for creative trouser and legging options. At, you can see visual representations of the look that you wish to create and find fashionable designer options that are different from anything found in stores. If you are looking to reinvent your style and create looks that are true to your fashion preferences, you must see the trouser and leggings on display at The Fashion Marketplace. This is a one-stop shop for all of your fashion needs.


Shoes are an accessory that most women can’t get enough of. You can use the perfect heel or sandal to complete your look and reinvent your style. Searching for shoes can be difficult, because of the abundance of options. However, The Fashion Marketplace is a one-stop website that allows you to explore fashion and interact with designers that are displaying visual images of their creations. The way that you go about shopping and purchasing shoes will never be that same, after just one visit to At this site innovation and style merge together in a way that is unmatched. Shoes are the perfect accessory item and you can find every type imaginable at The Fashion Marketplace.

Womens Shorts

Womens Shorts…. Fashionably funky or stunningly chic; shorts have caressed the thighs of women for a long time. From the versatile to the mono-functional styles, womens shorts provide an additional dimension that is sexy and trendy. Ranging in availability from complexly designed pieces to the simple radiant styles, shorts flirts with the dynamics of sensuality and modesty at the same time while colours, lines, symmetrical shapes and varying lengths constructed from every fabric can add to the growing variations and trends.


There are few things we love more than a really good pair of jeans. To be the truly perfect designer pair they must have the perfect balance in terms of fit, cut, color, durability, and comfort. We have all got our own favourite colours, styles and perhaps even shops, but that shall not stop us from trying to inspire you. Here at Just The Design we will try to showcase what is currently on-trend in terms of looks, but will also show you in classic and timeless denim cuts. When it comes to jeans it always comes down to personal taste.


With so many different styles, brands, and even price points to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right designer sunglasses. In order to help you choose the best sunglasses, here are four simple tips you should keep in mind the next time you find yourself in the market for a new pair of sunglasses.

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