Coats & Jackets

No fashion website would be complete without a serious page on jackets and coats. Both should be a staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Besides their functional element, they can add a flair and style to your outfit. We have all had that feeling of finding that special jacket, (or coat), while shopping, where it just feels as if it was meant to be. Like a hand in a glove.

Fashion Photography

Apparently the first nation to use the concept of fashion photography was the french all the way back in approximately 1910. The aim was: “Photographing the garments in such a way as to convey a sense of their physical quality as well as their formal appearance, as opposed to simply illustrating the object.” Well, we have taken it a step further than that. This page will be feature all the fashion photography that we can’t fit in to any of the category pages. That mean you are in for a pretty bumpy ride as this will be a very mixed bag. Anyway, we hope you like it.


Watches… In some people’s opinion this is the only piece of jewellery a man can wear. For women it is slightly different, but still, as it is the one accessory you will be wearing day in day out regardless of gender, you better make it a good one. Fortunately, there are many exceptionally cool watches around, and we have been scouring the world for the best watch makers around.


Skirts… An amazingly simple, beautiful and intriguing piece of clothing. This page is about the beauty of skirts and the women that wear them.


Lingerie… Even the pronunciation is sexy and alluring. A nineteenth century concept, the idea was to alter the outward shape of the body to become more attractive. The first corsets were bulky and unshapely but with the introduction of the lingerie concept, the bra and knickers soon became very popular indeed. Today, sexy lingerie has become a standard and the manufacturer’s are competing on design, and less on functionality.

Bags & Purses

Brown Bag Style Jules Is Wearing A Dress By Zara Scarf By Madewell And…

Nightwear & Slippers

Nightwear and slippers… We are not entirely sure how many sexy slippers we will be able to find, as there is a lot more interesting nightwear to show you. Expect to find a bunch of beautiful robes, tunics and chemises instead. Hell, we will go the distance and see if we can find a few camisoles, bathrobes and kimonos as well.

Suits & Tailoring

Suits and tailoring… Originally the suit was an English invention and was worn as countryside clothing. As time passed the suit became much more than that, and is today used for both business and more casual occasions. We intend to show you a mix of both, as the tailored suit can look formidable and cool if worn in the right way.


Men’s and Women’s tops all mixed together. Here at Just The Design we see no reason why it should be any different. After all, we are talking about fashion inspiration.

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