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Rev Up Your Wardrobe With These Leather Jacket Outfits

It’s official: the leather jacket is back for 2016 and it’s cooler than ever before. In January, Vogue’s first issue of the year breathed new life into this classic, featuring model of the moment Gigi Hadid on its cover, leather-clad and looking amazing. It’s unapologetically brash and bold, a piece which takes any outfit to the next level. Rebellious, versatile and undeniably cool, if there’s one rule in fashion, it’s that everyone ought to own a leather jacket. Read on to find out how we’ve been styling them.

Leather Jackets: Casual Spring Looks

This spring, a leather jacket and some skinny jeans are all you need to nail that off-duty model look. And you can also step away from the traditional black biker and choose a bright or pastel color, for a more quirky twist on the leather jacket outfit.

Effortlessly Cool Black Leather Jacket Outfits

You can’t go wrong with a classic, iconic black leather jacket. Here are some ideas for an outfit with an edge.

Go Glam With A Leather Jacket

If you’re thinking of adding a leather jacket to your collection, but you’re more of a girly girl, don’t hesitate. We’ve got you covered with these sophisticated and elegant leather jacket outfits.

Whether you’re going for a casual, sexy or glamorous look, the leather jacket is a perennial classic that will always add some urban edge to your outfit. Which way will you be wearing yours?

Featured Image: Leather jackets don’t only look good in classic black! A blush pink jacket like this one worn by Paola Alberdi will look a treat paired with skinny jeans and a simple grey knit sweater to create the ultimate spring style!

Jacket: All Saints, Sweater: Barney’s New York, Jeans: Shoptiques.