Skirts… An amazingly simple, beautiful and intriguing piece of clothing. This page is about the beauty of skirts and the women that wear them.

As usual, I don’t have an intention to sell you anything, but merely aim to inspire you with some awesome photos of some beautiful ladies in skirts. The featured photo is of  Miranda Kerr In a skirt for Jalouse February, 2013. Beautiful, simple and elegant. I believe that is what they call a maxi skirt, right? Yup, as I am pretty new in fashion I am still trying to get my head around how women’s fashion is put together. Pencil skirts, mini skirts and A Line skirts. Mmm… So much to learn.

Levi In DKNY Skirt And Jacket Outfit Street Style

Levi In DKNY Skirt And Jacket Street Style

Skirt By Romwe And Ramones T-Shirt Via Le Happy

Skirt By Romwe And Ramones T-Shirt Via Le Happy

Karla Spetic Skirt House of Holland Glasses Photos by Carin Olsson and Tommy Ton Via Gary Pepper

Karla Spetic Skirt House of Holland Glasses Photos by Carin Olsson and Tommy Ton Via Gary Pepper

Skirt From Costume Nacional Shoes From Zara From Jules

Skirt From Costume Nacional Shoes From Zara From Jules

Kenza’s Fashion Street style Black Skirt And Lace Up heels from Zara Black Balenciaga Bag

Kenza’s Fashion Street style Black Skirt And Lace Up heels from Zara Black Balenciaga Bag

Rachael Reckless In Newspaper Skirt. Fashion Photography By Die Photo

Rachael Reckless In Newspaper Skirt. Fashion Photography By Die Photo

Brown Top, Leather Skirt, White/Tan Trainers Photography By Eddie Petterson

Brown Top, Leather Skirt, White/Tan Trainers Photography By Eddie Petterson

Sara From Hello Miss Moda Wearing Skirt by Fiona C.

Sara From Hello Miss Moda Wearing Skirt by Fiona C.

Matching Skirt And Top

Matching Skirt And Top

Ximena Navarrete Poses In Herve Leger Bandage Skirt GQ, Mag

Ximena Navarrete Poses In Herve Leger Bandage Skirt GQ, Mag

Skirt Made For This Summer In The City

Skirt Made For This Summer In The City

Maxi Skirt From Chanel

Amazing Designer Maxi Skirt From Chanel

Skirt Used for Vogue In 2008

The Skirt Used for Vogue Germany February 2008