The Dos And Don’ts Of The High-Waisted Jeans Outfit

Wanting new ideas to style high waisted jeans outfits? We have trawled the fashion blogosphere to bring you inspiring classic, casual, sexy and chic alternatives for your next look.

Once the subject of much ridicule, the notorious mom jean has re-emerged over the last few years to become one of the hottest looks around. Plucked straight out of the 90s, the high waisted silhouette is more popular now than ever before. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this style is stuck in its former heyday, fashionistas have taken the cut and modernised into one seriously hot ticket item.

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Rev Up Your Wardrobe With These Leather Jacket Outfits

It’s official: the leather jacket is back for 2016 and it’s cooler than ever before. In January, Vogue’s first issue of the year breathed new life into this classic, featuring model of the moment Gigi Hadid on its cover, leather-clad and looking amazing. It’s unapologetically brash and bold, a piece which takes any outfit to the next level. Rebellious, versatile and undeniably cool, if there’s one rule in fashion, it’s that everyone ought to own a leather jacket. Read on to find out how we’ve been styling them.

40 Trench Coat Outfits To Give You That Inspiration You Need

It may sound like a fashion cliché, but trench coats truly never go out of style. Conjuring images of a rain-soaked Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, they are the byword for old school glamour. Throwing on a trench coat just makes you look effortlessly put together, and they’re perfect for that awkward spring – summer transition. The most recognizable version is the Burberry trench coat, a classic that’s been refined over the years and can reliably be spotted on many A list stars. Trench coats are also available all over the high street, but this is one item we’d recommend investing in, as it really will last you forever!

The Pleated Skirt Outfit Is A Game Changer This Spring

No longer just a school uniform staple, the pleated skirt has come of age in 2016. Featuring on runways for Christian Dior and Guy Laroche, this season’s pleated skirt is feminine and floaty, reaching to the knees or lower. Think less ‘back to school’ and more retro 1950s elegance. This season’s skirt comes in a variety of colors and textures, from subtle beige and neutral colors that are perfect for office wear, to scene-stealing shimmering and metallic fabrics. With its cinched waist, it flatters all figures, creating a ladylike silhouette. Light and airy, we love this trend for spring and summer 2016.

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Spring is here and so is our collection of pretty spring outfits. Like the season itself, spring fashion is fresh, clean, and flirty. From morning coffee runs to brunch with the girls to a night on the town. These spring trends are effortless and elegant to give you that edge you’ve been looking for

22 Red Dress Outfits That Will Make You Want To Buy One

Standing out from the crowd and getting one over all female opposition is easy when you find that one red dress which will make you stand apart. But before charging out there and getting yourself one, you might want to check out the below style tips which will help you in deciding exactly how you should wear it.

Style Tips On How To Wear A Bomber Jacket – Bomber Jacket Outfits

Sportswear is definitely having a moment on the catwalks right now, and what better way to ease this trend into your daily wardrobe than with a bomber jacket? With its military fighter pilot origins, this jacket will instantly give you an injection of attitude. This season’s bomber comes in a daring range of colors and designs for those who care to adventure beyond the classic black look. And they don’t have to be ultra-sporty or masculine; we’ve spotted pink bomber jackets on the street and in store- perfect for recreating that ‘Pink Ladies’ throwback look. So how best to integrate this iconic piece into your wardrobe? Read ahead for some suggestions…

The Thigh High Boots Outfit: 35 Ways To Wear Thigh-High Boots

Thigh high boots can be surprisingly versatile, as you’ll discover when you take a look at our selections. They look great with jeans and add to the sleekness of casual attire with with contrasting colours and a tight fit that emphasises leg length, but their year-round appeal doesn’t stop there. Check our tips on ways to style your thigh highs throughout the year: