T3N the German publisher of the T3N magazine and one the 10 000 most visited websites in the world featured Just The Design as one of the best Tumblr’s in existence.

The article, written as an introduction to Tumblr as a social media platform and as a guide to newcomers, painted a very positive picture of the many creative and serious Tumblr’s in existence.

The blogs mentioned besides Just The Design were as follows:

KimJongUnLookingAtThings.tumblr.com: Following Kim Jong-Un wherever he goes with the caption: “Looking at …:”

WhenYouReallyLiveInBerlin.tumblr.com: A Tumblr trend blog with the caption: “When…” Mostly about German geographical places.

AliOutfit.tumblr.com: Zoe Spawton, a Berlin based photographer takes photos of the colourful Ali and his awesome outfits.

ConceptingSocialMediaConcepts.tumblr.com: A technology orientated Tumblr with a running commentary on all things related to the  tech customer world.

SportBallsReplacedWithCats.com: Well, I think the title is rather self explanatory.

You can read the whole article on T3N’s Website

Last week Just The Design was approached  by some very well respected Professors Of Architecture at Cornell University, and this week the Tumblr was mentioned on T3N. What’s next, I wonder?