Watches… In some people’s opinion this is the only piece of jewellery a man can wear. For women it is slightly different, but still, as it is the one accessory you will be wearing day in day out regardless of gender, you better make it a good one. Fortunately, there are many exceptionally cool watches around, and we have been scouring the world for the best watch makers around.

When choosing your watch, just keep the following in mind. Your budget will heavily influence the type of watch that you will end up with. Hence, before doing anything else you should set your yourself a maximum price that you are willing to pay.

When that is said, quality should be your number one priority. With so many brand names around, you really need to research the market before buying anything. Designer watches are generally speaking more expensive but if you are looking to make a fashion statement, you will probably want to find something awesome which looks great regardless of what you wear, meaning that you should start your search for a watch from the top down. Here at Just The Design we believe that today most of the watchmakers make quality watches, and hence, so what you are buying is image more than anything else. They all tell the time, it is more a matter of how they look. We wish you good luck in finding your watch.

The featured watch owned by a private individual is of course made by none other than Rolex

SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Watch By LINDE WERDELIN

SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Watch By LINDE WERDELIN

IWC Top Gun Miramar Watch

IWC Top Gun Miramar Watch

Watch By Audemars Piguet

Watch By Audemars Piguet

Men’s Fashion Retro Style

Men’s Fashion Retro Style

Welder K24 3600 Men’s Watches | Vintage Distressed Collection

Welder K24 3600 Men’s Watches | Vintage Distressed Collection

Michael Kors Black Womens Watch

Michael Kors Black Womens Watch

Love The Matching Sock/Car And The Grey Suit. Chopard Watch By The Way

Love The Matching Sock/Car And The Grey Suit. Chopard Watch By The Way

The Omega Speedmaster 861/Olive green canvas strap

When Watches Have Personality The Omega Speedmaster 861/Olive green canvas strap